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Over 100,000 songs. All genres. Pre-cleared and ready for your next project.

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B2B Services & Corporate Solutions

Whether you are a small business owner or the world's largest media conglomerate, we’ve got your back! Learn more about our wide range of business to business solutions.

Corporate Program

Smooth the intensive process of licensing hundreds of songs per month.

Custom rate cards to fit your specific needs.

Competitive bulk rates to keep your costs under control.

Convenient billing system to automate your license payments and provide quarterly account statements.

Tracking and Notices- so you know if you’ve used a song twice.

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Catalog Management with Artificial Intelligence

We know metadata can be very complex and hard to manage. We combined the world’s foremost experts, and intensive research and development to build the industry's only tool to enable corporations to manage and monetize their music catalogs.

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White Label Store & Platform Development

Just having good music isn’t good enough anymore. Let us help you optimize and unlock your content for distribution-in-house for your music department, or globally to every movie studio and television network over the web.

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The Company

Who are we? Motivated entrepreneurs focusing on technology innovation to unleash opportunities for our partners and clients, making it easier to connect and make the world sound better.

Global Presence

Our software connects content, producers, labels, publishers, brands, and local businesses in more than 100 countries and territories worldwide.

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Executive Leadership

Sir Groovy Inc. is led by a team of entrepreneurs with world-class experience and skills in music licensing, artificial inteligence, management systems, software development and corporate management. These established professionals collaborate to drive the business forward through innovation.

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Helping Real Music Stay Alive

Fight The Box. Supporting real career musicians is important and the first step in preserving the art of music. Replacing real musicians with a lesser alternative is not acceptable. Join us in the fight to keep real music alive.

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